March 30, 2012

Chris Benz Spring 2012

photos via Chris Benz on
Chris Benz's genius candy colored world of spring! 
Its out there and reminiscent of Kim Basinger in a 9 1/2 weeks sort of way. The collection is styled so that I'm wildly nostalgic for disarranged, sexy BIG hair.

Spring Breakers

Santa Monica Sena and Sam Spring Break 2012
photos via Seamus

March 28, 2012

I Docent Know

The forgiving party of nine who composed my first adult garden walk at RSABG happily went along with my descriptions of the plant collection in the garden. One knowledgeable guest inquired if she were seeing Sisyrinchium bellum in bloom? I replied that she was seeing Blue-Eyed Grass and the dear lady sweetly informed me that they were the same. I have much to learn.

March 27, 2012

Formworker Farmworker

Laura Burkhalter Design Studio soft concrete fabric tests - innovators and cheerleaders for clean and modern living. I love the idea of dressing up the garden with forms and textures! More about Laura and the Institute for Bionomic Urbanism here.

March 26, 2012

Live from the Museum

Frequently I see styles that seem inspired by works of art. The gorgeous vintage Krizia silk wrap dress from an ebay store looks like it was inspired by this work of mechanical genius, Jean Tinguely. I love the geometry and femininity fitting together.

March 24, 2012

Why is this Woman Smiling?

 Solveig finished finals and messaged a preview of a post-winter term self-portrait. She looks serious. Serious about calculus and chemistry. She must be glad that's over; however, her expression says otherwise. Being in your twenties isn't all airy as I remember.

March 22, 2012

That was Easy

We are taking stock of everything that stays and goes. Our collection of used (and loved) forays into instrumental music, includes a cheesy electric guitar, a reasonable clarinet, a sassy marimba set, an excessive cello and the sweetest little violin you have ever seen. Not only is it cute, it has a pleasing sound, as well! Seamus played the wee violin from age 8-10. I loved that violin and his beginner songs, the suzuki method CD during the rainy trips in the dark, waiting for the end of the lesson in the book-filled basement of his patient violin teacher while 4 year-olds warmed up with Mozart waiting for my boy to finish - happy memories. Today I wonder why I'm still messing around with moving these instruments after 6 years? I vow to share these treasured instruments with some young prodigy, who's parents will thrill at the music making. A quick repair of the broken string and a tune from the helpful musicians at the Folk Music Center here in our new town, and it's good to go! This place teaches beginning ukelele and now we will move forward making music for our new life.

March 21, 2012

Style a la Sena

beachy is a way of life for this one.

March 20, 2012

Interpreting Nature

Hope I make a decent docent! This day it is certain I will NOT remember the names of the wildflowers blooming in the garden. This day the members of the Desert Rose Garden Club will school me in the ways of native flora. I am embarrassed. I should be grateful.

March 19, 2012

Green Revolution

My niece, Sam arrived in cloudy California for spring break from snow-bound Washington last week. Sena and I took her to Laguna Beach and on the way had  lunch at The Seabirds Truck!

Beer-battered avocado tacos spiced up with orange ginger sriracha, recipe (here) and they were so damn good we cooked them up at home the next day with fantastic results. Even better, downloaded the seabirds vegan revolution e-cookbook published by the seabirds themselves on i-tunes. Thank ya, seabirds.