August 31, 2009

Drape Much

Drape clutch - Viktor and Rolf
Drape blouse - Viktor and Rolf
Drape stiletto - Balenciaga

Drape dress -  In Clover Vintage

August 26, 2009

Year of the Cat and Zebra Returns

Occasionally I find giant Bob Mackie wearable art tops and jackets. Usually they are over the top highlarious and not what you would ever imagine yourself wearing. Sometimes the girls like to wear them as minis. Bob is famous for designs that get women noticed! They aren't exactly vintage; but, the 80s vibe is present in the same delicious palette that I found in a sexy dress by Diane Von Furstenberg. Everything good comes back around; sometimes it doesn't take long.
The darling Asher dress by DVF at Shopbop

August 25, 2009

Carry On

Plaid In Clover

Suite Celebrity Home

Anna Sui shows off her NY home in elle decor. Her personal style is rocking at home and at work! I love black (and white)!

Anna Sui photographed by Patrick McMullen

Anna Sui Fall 2009 Ready - T0 - Wear

August 23, 2009

August 20, 2009

Pacific - The Exploration of Happiness

Our entire human existence is consecrated to the pursuit of pleasure—first that of meeting our basic needs of hunger, thirst, etc. Then our social structure gives rise to other joys: to command, to obey, to succeed…
Is there a place for more subtle, more refined kinds of happiness, free of material contingencies? The simple sense of belonging to the great miracle of life provides one example. I know others: contemplating a work of art, hearing a Bach concerto…
The concept of studying the question of happiness—of establishing a science of joy—seems fundamental to me. Such a discipline would let us separate ourselves from the pseudo-satisfaction we get from the relentless quest for material things—the root of foolish pollution and damage. It would give us a feeling of harmony with Nature, with our fellow beings and with ourselves, without which there is no true joy.
Yes, we can find happiness in protecting what is around us, not just because we can taste its impressive beauty, power and mystery, but even more because we love other humans—those who live today and those who will be born tomorrow…

- Jacques Cousteau

August 19, 2009

Sunset on Sunday

A heron was fishing at sunset east of Great Falls; one of the prettiest places in Maryland.

Another heron checking out the scene from above.

These rocks were luminous in the pretty light.

August 18, 2009

Clara's World

Clara Lidström of UNDERBARACLARA is a blogger in Sweden with many talents and a style that is both fanciful and elegant. Clara is an accomplished fashion stylist, a natural cook, photographer and lover of nature's beauty. She's exhibiting her new studio in a recent post. It is a space that is beyond delight and most inspiring.

August 17, 2009

Transition to Fall

I've been in a big hurry to have summer over with. Now that everyone's back from their various adventures, I want to hold on and enjoy summer a little longer. I will go to the pool finally, grill dinner and make sangria.

These looks from Josep Font summer 2009 are what I dream to wear in transition from summer to fall. Viva!

August 16, 2009

All Ripe Now

Four days have passed and now the little scotch bonnets are ready to go. There are only a couple of green peppers left. Everyone is afraid to eat them. They are intensely hot. I made chile oil out of the first two that made its way into a spice rub. I've served a tiny amount with pasta and some wild salmon from our beloved Alaska.

This morning we went to the Palisades Farmers Market for a chicken, jewelicious chard and three peaches that will be eaten this day.

August 14, 2009

August 13, 2009

Olivier Olivier

The Fall 2009 Collection at Nina Ricci. Gorgeous!

August 12, 2009

State of the Arts

Michael M. Kaiser,
President of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
posts about arts organizations that produce good art
and are financially sustainable on Huffington Post.

August 11, 2009

Très Vert

Bruno Frisoni Clutch

Debbie in Stephen Sprouse
Balenciaga at Barneys

August 10, 2009

Garden to Table

May the searing heat of the day transform these
scotch bonnet cuties from green to hot.

They're probably still hot when they are green.

August 8, 2009

That means u 2

25 years of Purple Rain.

Purple Rain Sing-Along in Prospect Park, Thursday, 6 August.
Nothing better than voices together - Prince is the bomb! The song in the Prince catalog that gets me singing along is "Raspberry Beret".

August 6, 2009

Oregon + Washington = Love

I miss the West. Sticky summertime in DC isn't easy when you know there is sun shining on the sparkly blue pacific. Even more trying is being far from the ones you love. When we get to have a visit with our loves we go to Astoria to check out the giant berries at the farm market, swim in the wave pool (on the rainy days), eat fennel spiked clam chowder at Gunderson's and visit the Lunar Boy Gallery.

Earlier this summer Seattle artist, Matthew Porter's work was featured at the Lunar Boy and this cute little fishing gnome was there. Mr. Porter's illustrations are very appealing. I love the wee monkey contentedly performing everyday tasks. These illustrations appear in books, paintings, prints, and even adorn children's clothing. There are two stores on Etsy: oneredpanda (children's clothing) and matthewporterart (everything else).

I find comfort in these illustrations. They hearten my sense of home and remind me of the simple things in life. They are quiet, clever and full of life.

August 4, 2009

Carol Lynley

In the "Remember Me" department of In Clover Vintage blog, today's post will feature the actor, Carol Lynley.

Carol was a child model/actress who changed her name from Carol Ann Jones to Carolyn Lee in the 50s. After she appeared on the cover of Life Magazine, Carol discovered that another actress already registered with that name so she changed it again to the homophone, Carol Lynley. She frequently turned up on The Big Valley, Mannix, and later, on The Love Boat.

I don't recall seeing her on the big screen or TV much after Poseidon Adventure in the late 70s. Carol's style was appreciably understated and lovely.

August 3, 2009


No drought here in the Mid-Atlantic States.

August 2, 2009

Who was Séraphine Louis?

The Film.

The Art of Seraphine de Senlis.