August 6, 2009

Oregon + Washington = Love

I miss the West. Sticky summertime in DC isn't easy when you know there is sun shining on the sparkly blue pacific. Even more trying is being far from the ones you love. When we get to have a visit with our loves we go to Astoria to check out the giant berries at the farm market, swim in the wave pool (on the rainy days), eat fennel spiked clam chowder at Gunderson's and visit the Lunar Boy Gallery.

Earlier this summer Seattle artist, Matthew Porter's work was featured at the Lunar Boy and this cute little fishing gnome was there. Mr. Porter's illustrations are very appealing. I love the wee monkey contentedly performing everyday tasks. These illustrations appear in books, paintings, prints, and even adorn children's clothing. There are two stores on Etsy: oneredpanda (children's clothing) and matthewporterart (everything else).

I find comfort in these illustrations. They hearten my sense of home and remind me of the simple things in life. They are quiet, clever and full of life.

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