November 29, 2012

Hell A Times - So long Posh and Becks

Every so often since we moved to the LA suburbs, Guy says, "let's go see Becks and the Galaxy!' We never made it. The sexay couple and their kids are leaving us for europe's great fashion houses or Monaco or who knows where? Would have loved to see him "bend it", just once. 

November 16, 2012

Venice Dusk to Dark

it's not only the light of day that's so indescribable.

November 15, 2012

Sustainability - Chanel RTW 2013

photos byYannis Viamos via

looking ahead at these perfectly pretty looks for spring, then I remember that I need to order our turkey and prepare for the autumn feast. Can't help but look forward to spring! Karl has Chanel all in bloom with applique florals, pearls, metallics and graphic trim. I love crazy Karl's outlook, "Energy is the most important thing in life." will fashion, wind turbines and solar panels ever meet on the runway again? will life look like this?
photo by reuters via

November 8, 2012

November 6, 2012

The Great Good Man

The Great Good Man
by Marsden Hartley 1942
via Museum of Fine Arts Boston

November 5, 2012


Winter is idling here in Southern California where temperatures will reach 95 degrees today! It doesn't feel right as the east coast prepares for an incoming nor'easter right after the devastating Hurricane Sandy. Donate to the American Red Cross to aid citizens in need in the aftermath of Hurrican Sandy! The Red Cross is preparing to respond to this second frightening weather system while the massive relief effort is underway! 91 cents on the dollar of your donation goes directly to help storm victims escape the cold, eat a hot meal and get the latest information on electricity, fuel and recovery. Make a donation or make an appointment to donate blood here.

November 1, 2012

Jewel of The Month - Jules Accessory Design

Golden glowing cocktail rings pair nicely with a long bourbon/whiskey/rye by the fire. This big, sparkling modern cocktail ring is handcrafted luxury designed by my gorgeous friend, Jules Cechony! November's gem is this splendid faceted golden topaz, wrapped in 14K gold, set upon sterling silver! Jules is celebrating her 10th Anniversary and is offering special prices on her exquisite designs - visit Jules' shop here.
Happy November!