August 30, 2012

Hotel California

 This little trip to The Mission Inn in Riverside for lunch was like a three hour holiday on an estate in San Miguel de Allende, or what I'd imagine since I've never been. Lunch was lovely, but the best part was lolling around. The private gardens of bougainvillea, courtyards with hand painted tile and tranquil fountains were unexpectedly pleasant!

August 29, 2012

Corona Del Mama - Last Days of Summer

Spending the last day of summer body surfing, watching pelicans and soaking up sunshine in Corona Del Mar.

August 10, 2012

50 Years - Jim and Patty

 We traveled to Oregon to celebrate my Dad and Mom's 50th Wedding Anniversary. My sis and I made lovely bouquets with everything from the flower garden and all that was wild. Our picnic lunch was exquisite and the weather was perfect. There were singing cowboys and my mom and dad smiled all day long.  

August 7, 2012

The Sun Egg

Sun Egg
Solveig, my eldest, was born in the heart of winter, but her soul is summer. She completed her first physics sequence, moved into a new place and painted these rich little treasures on birch wood all in a week's time. You can buy one or pull a few together for a collective story - $20-25

Never Change, Never Stop

 Photo via
Photo via Neil Preston/Corbis
Photo via Neil Preston/Corbis

Bewitching Stevie Nicks is in the midst of a stunning musical/stye revival! At least every 90 miles or so, The Kills version of Dreams was getting airplay via sirius xm on our fabulous road trip.
Love this cover!

Stevie's dreamy style looks like she stepped out of a Maxfield Parrish illustration.

image via Clare Freeman Art Blog

August 6, 2012

Meeting Up

Spending time with my sewing machine working at meeting lines with precision on this super fresh and cool ticking stripe. It's customary to sew the zipper seam first; but, how to match stripes after that zipper is set? I will share with practice.
photo via In Clover Vintage

August 5, 2012

Lunchtime on Abbot Kinney

It's a joy to be back home with all my darlings under one roof! Guy is taking a day off here and there, Solveig is painting and happy to be home, Sena is working on her tan between work shifts, Seamus is relaxing after the trip swimming and playing in the sun, and I'm just happy to be here. Peek inside Bountiful antiques + home on our visit to Venice for shopping. The furnishings in this shop are epic! photos via In Clover Vintage

August 2, 2012

Along the Pacific

Marching to the tsunami dock from Japan on Agate Beach

Avenue of the Giants