March 22, 2012

That was Easy

We are taking stock of everything that stays and goes. Our collection of used (and loved) forays into instrumental music, includes a cheesy electric guitar, a reasonable clarinet, a sassy marimba set, an excessive cello and the sweetest little violin you have ever seen. Not only is it cute, it has a pleasing sound, as well! Seamus played the wee violin from age 8-10. I loved that violin and his beginner songs, the suzuki method CD during the rainy trips in the dark, waiting for the end of the lesson in the book-filled basement of his patient violin teacher while 4 year-olds warmed up with Mozart waiting for my boy to finish - happy memories. Today I wonder why I'm still messing around with moving these instruments after 6 years? I vow to share these treasured instruments with some young prodigy, who's parents will thrill at the music making. A quick repair of the broken string and a tune from the helpful musicians at the Folk Music Center here in our new town, and it's good to go! This place teaches beginning ukelele and now we will move forward making music for our new life.

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