December 3, 2012

I Wonder Where She Lost Me?

The most wonderful time of the year brings out the tradition keeper in me and a holiday standard is to run around the house with double-stick and cover up our glass framed art with images of the virgin mary and her sweet babe. Since moving one year ago, I've no idea where I've have stashed the madonnas! My friend Lisa Hardy got me started when we were neighbors in Seattle and ever since I'm looking out for interesting or unusual madonna and child images to literally, slap up. After moving house every few years these types of rituals are more meaningful, keeping things the same for our family even though everything has changed (new house, new neighbors, new school, new life). Sometimes it IS about stuff. Etsy's abundant selection of madonna and baby has a style for everyone: Mexican, mid-century, medieval, and modernist madonna holding the divine infant.

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