January 7, 2013

Life Pretty

I couldn't imagine anything more fabulous than owning a book shop in a village in Burgundy, France. I met George at a going away party for Guy's colleagues, Tim and Kim, who were leaving Southern California and moving to Seattle. George arrived at the party alone and explained that his girlfriend had moved to the heart of France and was living the dream, operating a small book stand in a picturesque village where everyone knows everyone (imagine David Sedaris' life in France with Hugh). Although the couple only sees one another every few months (George travels a lot), he beamed as he recounted the ways this lifestyle is a happy one and really keeps him going:

1. Living apart makes them appreciate one another.
2. Separately, they have nearly grown children.
3. A quiet, romantic place to live out their years with a little business to keep them involved with tourists and neighbors.
Guy and I in Antibes last April

We drove home to Claremont and talked all the way about what it was like when we lived and worked apart over the years. It's true, we ALWAYS had the most fun scheming, planning and executing a way to be together (with or without kids) when we were separated by Guy's life at sea. Contemplating the changes in our life and moving around the country gave us much to think about on our drive. I took off my party clothes and went to sleep dreaming of the Bourgogne, wine, and macarons. I woke up the next morning with the holidays full on. Not giving much attention to skiing the les Alpes and living in France; but, thinking of Tim, Kim, and their little one moving in the heart of Winter to Seattle to be close to family - something I am more familiar with. Living in Seattle was sweet because we were close to family and friends, and experienced the unconventional style of living apart together.

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