February 22, 2010

Excessive Spending

Last weekend I was feeling sorry for myself and wanted to indulge in a sad foreign film. I was browsing the selections at the video store and came across Tony Takitani, a sad and beautiful tale of a solitary man who makes his living as an illustrator and falls in love with a beautiful woman. She warns him as their relationship deepens, that she compulsively spends on beautiful clothes. He has no idea that shopping is her reason for living - what makes her life worth living. I was fascinated by the story of a woman who submits that her true joy in life is beautiful clothing. 

Tragic and exquisite, this film made me consider becoming vegetarian. 
I adored the tranquility and images of the subject from behind, rather than facing it. It made the characters seem even more forlorn and really enhanced my mood. In a good way.

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