July 25, 2009

Little Marimekko Lost

I have a sweet little faded unikko blouse in my store on Etsy. It's dated and faded just the way I like it. When I was 16, my Grandma and I made a gorgeous hand tied quilt out of this pattern:

I had the quilt forever and always enjoyed its Finnish wonderfulness at the beach or in the forest to lay down or sit upon and play with my babies. One sad day, I had to leave a picnic before everyone else and my friend said, "don't worry I'll bring it with me when I go home..." I knew I would never see my quilt again! I knew it and it was gone. Today I have found the very same sheet at vintagedame on Etsy and I will buy it and make myself a new quilt. yay.

Groovy marimekko, baby

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